Miraflores, 250g



Carlos Manuel Hoyos grew up on his parents’ coffee farm, a farm that has represented the coffee tradition that runs in his family. He knew that he wanted to continue with the tradition. When Carlos Manuel first started producing coffee, he did it by learning from his father, with the passing of time, as he learned more about producing coffee, he then started to produce coffee on his own farm, Miraflores, with his wife and children. During the last 10 years that he has been experimenting on producing specialty coffee, Carlos Manuel has become much more organized and responsible with his farm activities. Before, he just used to buy all the fertilizer he thought he needed and he didn’t keep track of his costs and incomes. Now, he is more conscious of the costs of production and the money he makes, and he is more organized with the farm planning.

Carlos Manuel enjoys doing his job well. He feels real satisfaction when he produces high quality coffee because he doesn’t only receives more money to sustain his family, but he receives recognition for his hard work. Carlos Manuel currently sells just 50% of his production as specialty coffee, but in the short term, he plans to change and renovate some of his varieties and replace them for other specialty coffee varieties. “The coffee I deliver, no matter what variety it is, it’s produced with all the dedication, effort, and love for doing things well.” says Carlos Manuel.

Teža 250 g
Nadmorska višina

1650 m




Cherry-rest, then fermented for 42 hours and fully washed


Carlos Manuel, Durley Garcia, Hoyos & Lenia




10% Pink Bourbon, 20% Castillo, 20% Colombia, 50% Caturra